aka blainestina

    Ok ok! So it’s almost midnight in London and I’m not waiting until it’s midnight here in Brazil, so I’m using the international time so I can give you your birthday present! It’s not much, I guess and I suck at words, but here we go!

    Thank you for being my first actual friend here on Tumblr, even though you thought I was famous when you’re more famous than I am! :P Thank you for putting up with all my dramas and texting me while I’m driving and singing Christina Aguilera and peeing too! HAHAHAHA Nope, I didn’t forget that. Well, you’re very special to me, and hopefully someday we will spend Christmas in New York, singing drunk Christmas songs at midnight! I’m holding you to that!

    You’re an awesome friend and an Amazing Girl Always. Don’t forget that. Happy birthday, angel! <3

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